About Momma Bee

Momma Bee had a secret~ or was it a secret?

Momma of teen boys

Lives in the States

Late 30’s

Officially entered sobriety on March 19, 2014

Member of Belle’s 100 Day Sober Challenge


13 thoughts on “About Momma Bee

  1. Hey mommabee – just wanted to thank you for your courage to go to AA and talk about it here. I texted my former sponsor this morning – butterflies in my tummy thinking about going back but at least its not nausea from drinking last night – that something right? Anyway I think you are and your blog are awesome – just so ya know 🙂

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    • Awe thank you! It was really hard so I thought but the when I got home that night I felt such peace and do after every meeting. I’m so glad I went and I know I am on the right path. It won’t be easy all the time but it’s so much better than where I was. Keep me posted!!!! I’m here to chat anytime! I’m so glad you reached out to your old sponsor!


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