My Sober Sunday…….


This is how I am spending my Sunday morning~  I watched some TV, made breakfast, cleaned up, threw in some laundry and then colored.  I love coloring~ so relaxing almost like meditating. I love my new scented glitter gel pens, a gift from my dear sober friend Kristy~ thank you Kristy~ I ❤️ them!

Did I mention I did all this before 10 am? 

Sober~ hangover free life is so worth it. It took a while to get where I am~ and it isn’t easy however it is possible, One Day at a Time!

Happy Sunday~


Momma Bee

Sober Day 621


2 thoughts on “My Sober Sunday…….

  1. Life on life’s terms… My worst day sober is still better than my best day drunk. This is great! Keep having these wonderful Sunday’s! I remember Sunday’s when I was extremely hung over and drinking bloody Mary’s to get through the DT’s. Today is very different.

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    • Thanks Dani~ I admit I do miss Bloody Mary’s~ I have had them virgin now and don’t miss the alcohol. Sunday’s are just so peaceful now….. Wait everyday is more peaceful- not just Sunday’s!!!


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