Is this thing on???

I’m alive & sober.  Thank God, right??? I was just sitting here saying to myself, I need to update my blog as I do so often and I finally found a second to do it. 

Seriously. A second. How did I ever have the time to be drunk and or hung-over?  I hear this question asked all too often in the recovery community.   I literally am so busy.  I  guess I replaced all that drinking time with new things or old things I enjoyed or never had time for such as:

Exercising~ I train 2x a week w/ a trainer and take spin classes 2x a week.


Coloring (yes you read that right)

Planning (search on IG #planneraddict or #plannergirl & you’ll understand)

Bestie Dates (on Saturday I went shopping & lunch with a friend and then that night- movie night w/ my kids and another friend)

Shopping (Especially Grocery Shopping & then I pick up my items)

Clipping Coupons & finding the deals to match up~ ❤️ seeing how I save!

Church & 12 Step Meetings (but honestly I have been slacking here and need to refocus.)

Full time Job & Mom to teen boys

Planning our 2016 Wedding

Spending quality time w/ my boys & being present for them in this very tough time of their adolescence!

So maybe I still go to extremes and focus on one thing such as working out and then slack on my 12 step program but the important thing here is I am not drinking! Even better, I have no desire to drink and the obsession is gone. I think I will always struggle with balance in my life but as long as the struggle is with positive things- I don’t mind.  I am aware now and can recognize this and re-group and re-prioritize. Which I have been making sure I am attending my 12 step meetings.  

So I apologize if I worried any or haven’t posted on your blogs but I am still here and  I couldn’t be happier. I am so thankful for the recovery community and I am where I am today because of many of you!

Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving to all who celebrate in the States.  To my friends around the world I send you love and well wishes.  

I will continue to Pray for Peace for all of us~ all across the World.


Momma Bee

Sober Day 615


2 thoughts on “Is this thing on???

  1. Recovery has changed for me over the years. Exercise was a big boost for a long time, very motivating and rewarding. It continues to evolve. I enjoyed your list of activities…it sounds like a fun, healthy mix! So proud of you, always. Xoxo

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