One Year Sober

I am a week late~ but YES I made it One Year Sober and a few days……

I couldn’t be happier~ sober life is so much better.  Not perfect but it is true all the things you hear in the beginning.  Life does get better.  To be honest, looking back the year went fast.  I had countless Day 1’s but once I really surrendered~ there was no more looking back in the rear view mirror.  One hour at a time, one day at a time, its all true.  Eventually they start adding up and you stop thinking about drinking more and more.

Next week I will celebrate my Anniversary and speak at my womens group.  My sponsor will give me my one year chip!~ I will def. post a picture.  I am so looking forward to it!

There is no turning back now~ sobriety looks good on me but better, it feels good~inside!! There are so many people I need to thank.  My blogging friends rooted for me when no one knew in my real world I needed to be rooted for…… My secret drinking, all my shame inside was shared here first, in the online community.  Without many of you I wouldn’t be here~ One Year Sober~

I want to thank so many of you~ Belle, Annie, Sara, Kristy, Ellie, Sarah, Dani, Josie, Maggie, Debbie, Paul, Rebecca, Chenoa and so many more!!!

The ladies at the Bubble Hour, Amanda, Jean, Catherine, Ellie and Lisa~ thank you for talking to me on my commute~ you answered many of my questions, questions I didn’t even know I had.  You welcomed me into a world I was so scared of and let me know that things will work out.  I just need to take it One Day at a Time.

The other day driving in the car my son said to me, “mom you look so happy.”  Priceless!! Right there my friends~ that is what my sobriety has given me.

Hope your all having a good week~ I am just being present, sober and healthy.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support.

Momma Bee

Sober Day 373

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