I’m here~ I’m alive & sober! 318 days but who has time to count? Thank goodness for my 12 Step Companion App to keep track~

When did I have time to drink? Seriously- that is my problem- not enough time in the day. I apologize, I haven’t been reading blogs much and obviously I haven’t been posting here~ but I am doing really good~ I wanted to say great but I thought people will think I’m lying- but I swear, I’m not. You can find me daily on twitter~ just look for sobermommabee. It’s just easier to tweet & there are some great sober peeps on there!

I’ve been going to 12 step meetings, working with my sponsor finally~ going to start Step 4 after vacation! I leave in 7 days for a Caribbean Island sans no children- πŸ‘ I will miss them but it’s a nice adult only trip with a few friends and the BF. This year however I am sober and this vacation I won’t throw 101 sober days out the window- (like last year) b/c now I’m working a program and drinking is NO longer an option for this momma!

I’m going to church again- my spiritual side is alive again~ I am actually going to a women’s conference this weekend with my “new” church. I’m excited to
meet some new people- b/c I am going by myself! Seriously- and sober too!!!

I have been going to the gym again and working out with a trainer once per week- my routine is getting better but still not enough- it’s hard getting up at 5am!

I have met a few ladies in the fellowship and we are chatting, supporting each other and meeting up for coffee- it’s so nice to have in real life sober support- I need that to succeed on this journey!

My kids sports keep me busy too- especially the weekends. Being a single mom, working full time, working a sober program is a lot of work- but one can do it if she sets her mind to it and works it! What’s the saying~ it works if you work it???

So I wanted to give you a quick update- find me on Twitter or email me! I still need your support!!! U gotta get a shower and go to work- I’m late again! Story of my life- always late!

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome weekend!

Momma Bee


11 thoughts on “Time

  1. You are awesome! I am so jealous of your trip coming up! You are gonna have so much fun πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on your 318 days. March will be here before you know it and you will be celebrating that big 365. Keep up the good work!

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    • It takes time- life isn’t perfect- we just learn better ways to cope- I still have many times I wanna check out & not think- those moments are temporary & they eventually pass! Keep close- reach out for support- ur not alone, even thou times it feels that way, your not! Xoxo


    • Believe me- I was so miserable in the beginning- I annoyed myself- takes time-everyone is different- it’s not all unicorns and rainbows- but it is a sure as hell a lot lot better! It’s worth the rough patches! Hugs!


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