Hello Friends~

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season so far. Thanksgiving in the US came so fast and now we are in the throes of Christmas.  I still have pumpkins on my porch~ this week the pumpkins will be trashed I promise and the Christmas decorations will come out. Things just been so busy at home~ the usual, work, kids, chores, doctor appts., ER visits (stitches for kid) hosting Thanksgiving, baking cookies for the annual cookie exchange and the list goes on.  I am still sober, just passed 265 days (OMG ,100 more days is 1 year?) I won’t get ahead of myself, I still take it One Day at a Time.  The best 12 Step ever!

I have been working my program~ sort of.  I been going to church, praying, actually participating in an online Bible Study and recently have been slacking a bit there too~ there isn’t just enough hours of the day.  I haven’t been blogging (as you can see) or reading blogs much but still trying to find time to read 12 Step literature and listen to podcasts.  I haven’t been to a meeting in over 2 weeks and I know that isn’t good~ so I am promising myself and making sure I go tonight~ no matter what.  It ‘s my favorite women’s group and tonight is Step 12, so I need to go.  I haven’t had any desire or urges to drink but I know that it is only one glass away.  I have been on an emotional roller coaster lately in my personal relationship w/ my BF and that has been really hard on my emotions, feelings and sanity the past few weeks.  We are working on a few things that if isn’t addressed now, I feel will be the end of our relationship.  This does have to do with protecting my sobriety, my children and my needs for my happiness today and in the future.  There are some changes he needs make himself and he knows that, the ball is now in his court.  This may sound all about me~ and I assure you that isn’t my thinking but just too much to go into in a blog.

So as the crazy holiday season has me going in all different directions, I know I need to stay in touch with my higher power and stay grounded.  I can’t do it all and I don’t want to. I will make a better effort to get back into the rooms and after the New Year sit down with my sponsor and work the steps “officially”.  Until then, I will keep praying, attending church, reading and stay connected with my sober support system.

Wishing you all a great week~  and I promise to check in more.  I am however on Twitter and check in daily.  Please follow me at sobermommabee.  Thanks for reading and your support~

Momma Bee

Day 266


9 thoughts on “Helloooooooooo~

  1. Wow, sounds like you have a lot going on. In this season when things get so busy, we can’t forget to HALT. Triggers can sneak up fast 🙂 Will look forward to the next time you have a chance to post!


    • Yes, thank you! HALT~ I tend to forget that and it is true. I will write it down in a few places… triggers do sneak up and we have to be ready! I promise to be better at posting! Thanks for the support!


  2. Thanks for sharing Momma Bee, keep up all the great self improvements. Remember to be nice to yourself. After all, you have overcome something that usually wins against its opponents. You should be calling yourself Momma “bada$$” Bee! 😁 enjoy your holidays as well!


  3. Hey B, life sounds busy but good. This time of year always feels hectic and filled with expectations. I hope you find time to lay low and take it easy and be gentle with yourself. You’re amazing and I’m so proud of you!

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