100 Sober Days Passed Me Right By……

Sober Day 105

YES I am here and YES I am still SOBER~ I am now a member of the triple digit club and I couldn’t be happier! Mentally I feel really good and well physically not as good but I think that is b/c I am eating too much sugar/carbs and not exercising. I know I use food for comfort still but right now that is a better option that wine~ 

Between work, reading, meetings, some yoga, kids, home remodel etc.. I haven’t been on word press is a while.  I am so behind on reading all of your blogs!!! Things are just crazy busy here…..

So bring on July~ it’s my birthday month and a big one to boot, the BIG 4-0!!!!  That topic is a post for another day~

So I went to the gym this morning @ the crack of dawn, Damn it felt so good afterwards ~ tell me why I stopped going? The owner gave me a huge hug and welcomed me back! One of my July goals, is to get my ass moving, literally!  I pledged 75 miles in 31 days~ walking, biking, and don’t worry, this momma is NOT running!!!

Summer is in full swing~ the 4th is this weekend and how wonderful it falls on a Friday??  Yippee, it will be a 3 day weekend! So child # 1 and I will head to the beach for the weekend which is my official happy place! BF will stay home and work around the house and child # 2 is still away @ camp and seems to be enjoying himself.  

Kitchen remodel is moving along quite nicely~ waiting on counter tops and of course there was a missing cabinet in the order.  At least it didn’t hold up the counter scribing!  The powder room just needs a light and another coat of paint.  I am not liking the light options @ HD & Lowes.  The old Momma would just pick something to be done but I am trying to not rush, be patient in my decisions so next month I will still like my choices 🙂  Sadly, the budget has been thrown out the window because we keep adding to the list but when the house is torn apart it is easier to do certain things now. Basically we will have a whole new first floor, which is very exciting.  I already named the new kitchen, my sober kitchen!

I have been reading many books for pleasure, my latest was The Silent Wife, Orphan Train and All Fall Down.  I started to listening to audio books on my commute to work~ which I am really enjoying.  Still attending my 12 step meetings which I enjoy and working my first step.  Well I think I am done just need time to meet up with my sponsor.

I haven’t had any cravings or near slips and I am grateful.  I just keep plugging along day by day and taking things as they come. The other day after working on the house and my BF was drinking a beer, I had a thought, ahhh, a cold beer would be great right now.  I thought to myself, umm you don’t even like beer.  The thought came out of no where and I just said to myself, no that isn’t going to happen.  I recognized it and took note that these thoughts/urges can pop up any time.   

Hope you are all doing well~ thank you for reading and all your support!

Happy July!

Momma Bee




8 thoughts on “100 Sober Days Passed Me Right By……

  1. Congrats on all these milestones… 🙂

    40 ain’t that bad…it’s a transformative decade for me so far, as I got sober at 40.

    And it sounds like you’re taking care of yourself and things…the yoga, etc. Fantastic on your sober time!



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