Sober Day 91~

Hello Friends~

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while… I have been so wrapped up in so many things and it has kept me busy….. all good I believe as I am still sober.  The latest & greatest in my life:

Saturday I went to my first sober weeding and had a nice time.  Especially since I only knew one other couple really.  It was the son of my BF’s friend.  Did you follow that?  I drank tea, coffee and Shirley Temples.  I enjoyed the huge spread of delicious food from cocktail hour until desserts.  I drove us home sober and slept for over 12 hours that night.  I felt like a teenager sleeping that much and even took a 90 minute nap on Sunday! I felt guilty but I enjoyed it.

I have been taking yoga classes and trying to meditate and pray more.

I have been reading more, pleasure and some self help.  I always loved to read and now finding more time to enjoy it.

I planted some flowers again and been sitting on my porch outside which I haven’t done in years.

I am attending 12 step meetings and working on Step 1 in my notebook and hope to meet w/ my sponsor later this week.  I haven’t been working w/ her yet much and that is more my fault.  I am hoping now that school is over for the kids I have more time to see her.

Work has been really busy and I am falling behind a bit b/c I still zone out on the internet or social media.  Something I\really need to work on more.

The kids end school this week and my youngest (13) is going away to sleep over camp for 3 weeks tomorrow.  I think we both need this break~ I hope he enjoys his first time away form home. The oldest starts fitness camp next week and we are still trying to find him a PT job.  Not much out there for 15 year olds.

I have been feeling great mentally and couldn’t be happier sober.  This is what I want and will go great lengths to protect my sobriety.  I still haven’t shared my sobriety journey with many, just my BF and a few close girlfriends.  Plus my oldest son knows. 

I haven’t been concerned w/ my diet or sugar consumption.  I do think I have cut back on the sugar binges.  I am up about 10 lbs since I quit drinking and since I gained 30 the last 2 years that isn’t good.  However I can’t focus on that right now, in time my diet and exercise will fall back into place.  (Or so I hope)

Summer is here and I enjoy spending my weekends at the beach.  We are also in the middle of remodeling our kitchen and some other rooms downstairs.  I am very excited and things are finally moving quickly.  I hope it will all be completed by my 40th Birthday in late July.  I am excited for my new “SOBER KITCHEN”.  In the meantime we are eating lots of takeout and living in a dust bowl and everything is in boxes in the basement.  I am so over this part~

I celebrated 90 days sober yesterday and went to a meeting before work.  I like that meeting but its tricky and out of my way~ I hope to go there at least 1 x a week.  Mondays are speaker meetings and I love speaker meetings.  I did pick my home group and try to attend their 2 women group meetings which are Tuesday and Friday evenings.  Such a nice group of ladies~

Other than  that, I am taking it One Day at a Time.  

Thanks again for all your support!


Momma Bee






10 thoughts on “Sober Day 91~

  1. Yeah Momma Bee! So excited for you, sounds like things are wonderful! Can’t wait to hear about your sober 40th, new kitchen, and beach time (we go to Sea Isle in late July, anywhere near you?). Great job keeping up with meetings, and DO NOT WORRY about sugar, its time will come, but it is not now!!

    Thanks for checking in!

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  2. Congratulations! I put on weight too, seems it’s quite common, but now I’m tackling that and it is just melting off. Never experienced such easy weight loss before. Hopefully you’ll find the same once you’re in the right place for it, and right now – hey, look at you! 90 days! Wow!

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  3. Congrats on your 90 days!! I love reading how people are feeling with that amount of sober days behind them. My longest stretch didn’t even reach 40 – so I’m trying again and we’ll see where I get to this time.


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