What’s it like to be a therapist who drinks?

Belles Audios are great for sober newbies~ for me anyway!!! Thanks Belle

Tired of Thinking About Drinking

Yesterday I recorded episode #42 for my audio podcast subscription thingy.

I’m starting a new series of audios, where I read letters I’ve received from professionals about what it’s like to drink and do their job.  Doctors, lawyers, musicians, ministers.  This first audio is “What’s it like to be a therapist who drinks?”

Janett (the now sober therapist) outlines what she see as the challenges of being a drinker in her profession.

It won’t be long before you see a pattern …

I’m posting the entire audio here, because it’s short. This audio will be available for 48 hrs. Click below to listen:

click here to try a podcast subscription (1 month trial) – and of course, when you get bored of me, you can cancel whenever you want


Happy Day 50 to Mia

Happy Day 50 to Abrown

Happy Day 50 to IrishGirl

Happy Day…

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