M(3), 5/12: Do Meeting Makers Really Make It?

A great read for newbies and oldies in the 12 step community! I really enjoy Josie’s posts and I hope you do too!
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Happy Monday, and I hope all the Mom’s reading had a spectacular Mother’s Day, I surely did!

Today’s meeting was a rewarding one for me in many ways.  First, we had a decently sized group (14!).  Second, there were three newcomers, and it’s always nice to have a new perspective in the sharing section of the meeting.  Finally, the topic of today’s meeting is one that hits close to home.  We read from the book Living Sober, a chapter entitled “Going to AA Meetings.”  The chapter explains the basic nuts and bolts of 12-step meetings:  the format, the various types, what to expect if you choose to attend one.  If you are new to sobriety and/or interested in 12-step principles, I highly recommend giving this book a read; it is an excellent resource.

The topic hits close to home for me personally because it was a great reminder of…

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