The Power of Prayer in Recovery

Great post from Maggie for anyone struggling with sobriety who have a hard time using God or a belief in a higher power…..


Seven days without prayer, makes one weak. –Anonymous

I have been wanting to write about this topic for a long time. More and more I have been noticing how important handsspirituality has become in my recovery, yet I still consider myself agnostic. I have never been a religious person. I think that I used to actually be atheist. Religion still boggles my mind and makes me feel uneasy. I think it’s mostly because when I was a kid no one actually explained it to me. I was told to learn this story and believe in it. But it did not make any sense to me as a kid, and I have always questioned it its authenticity. Of course I have nothing against any religion. I can truly see its importance in the lives of many.

Most of my life however, I had no faith, I had not beliefs and I…

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