My Happiness

My Happiness

I so needed to see this today~ I need to keep my eye on this goal~ I will never find my happiness or be at peace if I go use drinking or bingeing on food to make me happy. I need to be present and work thru my feelings and emotions. The only thing that can fill the hole that I been stuffing w/ negative things is my spirituality. No matter how hard it is or how raw I am feeling, food and alcohol is not the answer.


3 thoughts on “My Happiness

  1. Lately I keep coming back to the idea that only we can make ourselves happy. I believe it, but it’s elusive at best. It comes in waves, maybe, or I see that it’s true when I do things to take care of myself in the long run rather than quick fixes. It is definitely a work in progress. I’m glad you posted this.


  2. This is excellent and I so agree, this month more than ever. I have been doing a 30 day challenge to do something nice every day for myself and it has changed so much of my life in the 25 days I’ve been doing it. We have to be kind to ourselves and you’re on the right track with feeling those raw emotions and learning new, healthy methods for working through them. Big hugs to you!


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