My Sponsor


Its official~ I have a sponsor.  I asked my friend J (who took me to my first meeting) if she would be my sponsor.  She checked with her sponsor and got the “go ahead”.  She told me she always runs things by her first.  I’m EXCITED!  I’m hearing others in AA talk so highly about working the steps and how it has changed their life. I have already read the first step and I also picked up the book, A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps by Stephanie Covington.  I have only read the intro, step 1 and the spirituality chapters and already having many light bulb moments.

I think J will be a good fit for me.  We are both moms and have kids around the same age.  We live in the same town but we are not in the same social circle.  She has been sober for 9 years and has an amazing recovery story.  She has her own sponsor and attends meetings regularly and very passionate about AA.  I feel comfortable talking to her and feel she can relate to what I have been or going through.

If you told me 6 weeks ago I would be a card carrying member of AA and loving it~ I would of laughed.

Thanks for reading & your support!  I am off to check out another new meeting tonight.

Momma Bee

Day 36


5 thoughts on “My Sponsor

  1. Good for you! I am so glad you are finding our niche and that you have a sponsor. Life is looking up for you and that is amazing. It doesn’t matter how we get and stay sober; it’s whatever works for you individually. I am like you and find great peace, strength, and serenity in AA. Keep us posted; you “sound” fabulous!


  2. That’s just awesome, MB! Sounds like you guys will work well together. Remember, she is there to show you how she worked the steps. It’s not a friendship – even though it might turn out to be that way later on! But I can feel the excitement coming from you, and man, you have been on fire so to speak as of late – your serenity and joy seem to be up a lot. enjoy it!

    Congrats 🙂



    • Thanks Paul~ our kids went to school years ago together and when I starting to run into her recently I took it as a sign. I was pretty sure she was a member and boy I was so glad she was. I really do think my HP placed us together.


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