Hidden Treasures

I was just searching every drawer and cabinet in the house looking for the heating pad for my BF’s back- of course it is never where it should be!

Instead I found these beauties, in my bedroom, in the side dresser, in a drawer I hardly use……


I don’t even like Southern Comfort or any whiskey but these were in a basket I won at a fundraiser.

I drank these at the end…. When I was desperate because I had nothing else in the house. I drank them lying in bed trying to numb myself & pass out.

The sight of them just now turned my stomach!!!! I’m so happy I’m done- done with booze and all the shit that comes with it! I realize now that is only possible with the help of my higher power and my 12 step program.

BTW, I did find the heating pad- under the bathroom sink and hopefully I’m done finding anymore hidden treasures!

Thanks for reading and your support-
Momma Bee
Day 34


10 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. I had a friend who found wine bottles in her garden many months after she quit. It’s great to find that stuff, see how far you’ve come and then toss it in the trash. Ugh, who needs that crap? Life is better now 🙂


    • Thanks Linda~ I am pretty sure these isn’t anymore~ I was pretty good of riding the evidence, lol. I am so glad that is over. The hiding ans shame, is the worst feeling really.


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