Just a quick post b/c I am so behind on my work today~

Tonight, I plan to go to my 2nd meeting and its just for women.  I am looking forward to it b/c I think I will be more comfortable and I heard some great things about this group.  I am not nervous yet about going alone but I know once I get there I won’t be alone.  So after work I will grab a pizza for the family, scarf down a slice and head out the door!  If I take off my shoes or sit on my big comfy couch~ I am done and I won’t want to leave.

No other big plans this weekend, maybe another meeting, church, and some errands for the boys.  I haven’t been to the gym all week so I should get some exercise in.  It is suppose to be gorgeous so I nice long walk outside would be perfect!   Oh and I guess I should clean some bathrooms and do some laundry.

So no fun party plans or big social events, just boring everyday mom duties!   You know what, I prefer the boring non eventful weekends with my family any day!

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for reading & your support.

Momma Bee

Day 24


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