First AA Meeting

Monday evening (yes I am finally blogging it) I went to my first AA meeting.  My friend J picked me up early and took me.  We chatted in the car over some coffee prior.  She told me her story of how she came to AA (wow, so proud of her & 9 years sober) and I filled her in on some tid-bits about me.  She also filled me in on the basics of how the meeting will go.  It was a closed, coed, Big Book Meeting.  It was in a church basement a few towns away from my home.  It was raining, a gentleman opened the door and introduced himself to us, J knew him as she is a regular at this meeting.  We sat down and right away I thought the guy across from me looked familiar.  She showed me they have cookies and coffee and I am welcome to help myself.  I didn’t move from my seat.  When the chair started she asked if it was any ones first meeting or if anyone is visiting, I didn’t raise my hand~ I was too chicken.  J told me prior that it was ok if I didn’t want to speak up. After going over the upcoming events, rules etc each person took a turn reading a paragraph or two from the big book.  Some shared how the passages related to their journey.  No scary stories, just how Chapter 2- There is a Solution related to their personal life/journey to AA and how they live presently.  At the end of the meeting everyone made a big circle, held hands, said the serenity prayer, which of course I knew so I recited with them.  Afterwards, J introduced me to another lady.   J told her I was new, that I reached out to her and we live in the same town.  She has been friends with since she joined and T has been in recovery for a little over 12 years.  T told me too how much fun they have with this group.  They do outings and socials and it really is a great group.  We talked about some other local meetings which they think be good for me. .  T and I exchanged phone numbers and we all plan to get together at another meeting in a week or so when J returns from vacation.

How did I like it?

I did like it.  I think I would be more comfortable in a women’s group meeting.  The one I was looking to check out prior is suppose to be a good one and said to have some great ladies.  That made me very happy.  That meeting is Tues & Friday evenings at a time and place I can make work into my schedule.

I know if I want to share, I will have a hard time saying, Hi I am MB and I am an alcoholic.  I just think I am not ready to say that out loud yet.  

I saw someone else I recognized and know from my teens/young adult years.  I prayed he didn’t recognize me and I was glad I didn’t speak my name.  I know this is possible and we are all there for the same reason however this person has some connection to my x husband and it made me uncomfortable.  I don’t think my X or his family see or run into this person often but it still made me uncomfortable.  This I realize is something that may happen and I need to get over it.  (my issue with this is really  b/c of my x husband. b/c we have a very estranged relationship)

I think J would be a really good sponsor, even if only temporarily.  I think it was meant to be that we met up recently.  I was pretty sure she was in recovery but I wasn’t positive.  I am glad she is and her recovery story is amazing.  We are both moms with kids around the same age, work out of the home, live in the same town but we are not in the same social circles.  She said she will get me some AA supplies and some things I should start working on while she is on vacation.  She isn’t pushy and I feel comfortable talking to her.  

I may meet up with T (the other lady I met)  this Sunday at a meeting, depending on our schedules.  The women’s group meeting I would like to visit is tomorrow night.  I have no other plans, so if this cold I have been dealing with isn’t worse I plan to attend.  

So in the meantime, I will keep reading the sober blogs, listen to the Bubble Hour podcasts and keep my sober tool box handy.  

I like to thank my sober blogging friends, especially Kristy at Bye Bye Beer for encouraging me to reach out for real in life support.  My first meeting wasn’t scary after all and I think I can benefit from what AA has to offer.  

Thanks for reading & your support!

Momma Bee

22 Days Sober








8 thoughts on “First AA Meeting

  1. I’m so glad you reached out to your friend and ran into her in the first place. There is something about the whole thing that suggests something bigger at play. As for seeing the person from your past, I get this discomfort. I don’t think he’d say anything even if he was in regular contact with your ex. Anonymity plus not wanting to draw attention to the fact that he was there. Which is a real shame that we feel shame for getting help, but whatever. It’s huge, just taking that first step to reach out to others. I’m really excited for you, sounds like you’re at the start of something good and with a nice group of people.


  2. I have found AA to be very helpful. I sit in the room like a sponge, and just absorb the peace and serenity and knowledge that all of these sober people have. I, too, have a hard time saying the “A” word. I still don’t speak, and I have been going for 2 1/2 months. I am trying to learn, and work the steps.
    It is nice to be in a room with people that understand what I am, and are so supportive.
    I am glad you had a good experience.


  3. This is wonderful to read, MB! Nothing wrong with sticking with the ladies. Same AA message. You’ve already run into lots of experience and sobriety, and that’s fabulous. You can see it working in others…so why not you? I’ve run into folks who I used to drink with or work with…and you know what? they’re there for the same reason you are, so fear not. I have reaquainted myself with those guys I met and are now coffee buddies. People cross our paths for a reason – and sounds like you have several who are already important players in your early recovery.

    Wonderful stuff to read…yay!



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