I’m alive & today is Day # 99

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while… life getting in the way to blog but here is a quick update:

At the close of today, I will be 99 days sober.

I am sick of the snow.

I leave Saturday for a week vacation in South America.

I am seeing a therapist for my food issues. 

I haven’t exercised in weeks.

I haven’t weighed myself in weeks.

I was just diagnosed with high BP and taking meds for 4 weeks now.  My BP is low now.

I have a 10 K in less than a month and I am not trained but I will run/walk it.

I have a fear of the dentist and haven’t been in 3 years.  I had an emergency root canal Monday and going back today for more. 

After dinner I read or watch TV to relax.

I have been to many social events and bring my own sparkling water.

I vowed to continue my 100 day Sober Challenge and pledged 180 days.

I took my first into to Photography Class and hope to take lots of picture on vacation with my new camera.

I have the attitude that I will do what I want to relax and stay sober.  I’m not stressing over a dirty house or the little things.

I am happier and don’t “scream” like before.

Mornings are more peaceful and sometimes we laugh as a family. 

I enjoy dinners w/ the family more now and I think we communicate better.

I can tell I am more present for my children and I think they do too.

Cravings will go away, they don’t last forever.

I don’t really worry about what people think or what they will say when they notice I am not drinking.

I am nervous about my sobriety on vacation at an all inclusive, with no children and 4 other couples.

Today is day 99 and I will not drink.  I am grateful for my journey and all the people that have supported me along the way.  Tomorrow is Day 100 and I will not drink.

I will take tons of pictures on vacation and if I can secure wifi, I will post an update.

Momma Bee


8 thoughts on “I’m alive & today is Day # 99

  1. Yeah, sick of snow too. Woo-hoo on 99 days and an even 100 tomorrow! I scream less too…funny how one day you notice these little things. Food issues…yeah, I get it…a lot of things have risen and fallen and seem to be leveling out overall…just took time. It's great to be in therapy though for any number of reasons. Like life in general. And just remember while on vacation, your sober community is an internet connection away. Enjoy yourself and indulge in plenty of other treats! That sun and warmth will feel great.


  2. Hooray on 99 days! You cheered me on when you were just starting this, and it fills my heart to see you doing so great. I'm scared at the dentist's, too. I cry the whole time, and they look at me like I'm an alien in some horror flick and they hope I am the friendly one. No fun for sure. But it ends, and the you get back to the rest of the wonderful world. I hope you enjoy your 100 days and the South American sunshine.


  3. You can do this all-inclusive thing. I just got back Sunday from such a place. Take all that you know has worked for you in the past 99 days. Write them down, keep them handy and know you can do it.
    As long as you really don't care what anyone else thinks of you not drinking, you'll be fine. I honestly could give a rat's ass. That mentality helped me on more than one occasion. Take time for you; go to a spa and be accountable only to you.
    You can do this!!!


  4. Thank you all~ I had an amazing vacation and it was a fabulous experience. Costa Rica was an amazing place, I suggest to all. Especially if you enjoy nature or a thrill seeker. I need to update my blog about my trip!


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