Where did this month go?

Ummm, hello?  We are half way thru December and Christmas is in less than a week.  I remember saying to myself, wow November flew by.  I looked at the calendar yesterday and thought, I have been sober for 8 weekends in a row?  When I tried the 100 day challenge the past I made it 2 weeks and had to start over.  So many times I would say, I will only drink on weekends, or special events, or every other day and some times I would do it but not before long I would be back to drinking 5,6 or 7 days per week.  So one morning when I was wide awake at 3:30 I finally just had enough of the bullshit. and I vowed to quit for 100 days.  I told myself I wouldn’t die or miss out on anything if I quit for 100 days.  Guess what, I am on Day 58 and I am ok.  I have been moody, irritable, restless, and bored at times but the moments pass.  However, I was like too when I was drinking.  I have watched friends drink a glass or two and even watched friends get drunk.  I have had a few moments where I wish I was drinking too but not once have I had a moment when I woke up and said, I wish I was hung over.  I don’t miss the hangovers.  I don’t miss eating shitty greasy food in hopes it makes me feel better.  I don’t miss trying to hide my drinking or how much I already had.   I don’t miss trying not to slur when I speak.  I don’t miss the unknown of I did that or I said that? 

Looking back the past 58 days were not really that hard… yup there were some sucky moments but the time is flying by and I am ok with it. 

I am looking forward to Christmas and the New Year.  There will be no New Years resolution this year because I already started mine.  Every year I make a promise to drink less, exercise more and be healthier.  The hardest one I am already doing, drink less.  The rest will fall into place as more days go by.

I am actually proud of myself and I don’t remember the last time I said that. 

Thanks for your support.

Momma Bee



3 thoughts on “Where did this month go?

  1. Doesn't sober life rule? True-it's boring at times, but a few moments of boredom is a cinch compared to an entire day blown by a blinding hangover. God-hangovers are the worst. And I had them every morning. How did I do it? I can't imagine going back to that life. Good for you for sticking to it this time around. And how awesome that you don't need a resolution? You are WAY ahead of the game this year. Proud of ya! Keep up the old work!


  2. I will have 2.5 years tomorrow (!) and my god, I still remember the hangovers. It is helpful to remember what we don't miss and that the rest falls into place in its own time. And that we're doing it right when we keep going. Happy holidays to you.


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