50 Days

I just looked at my app and saw 50 Days! I have been sober for 50 Days! 

I’m half way to 100 Days! 
It hasn’t been easy but then it hasn’t been super hard. One day at a time truly is the right way to focus and at times it was one hour at a time.
I never believed in myself I could get this far and I did. So that is the push I need to get thru the next 50 days, one day at a time.
If you haven’t joined this journey yet but believe you need to cut back or quit drinking, check out Belle’s 100 Day Challenge and commit to just 100 days. It took my third attempt to make real progress and I’m glad I kept trying.
Thanks to all my friends in the sober blogging world! Your support has been amazing!
Momma Bee
PS Fifty Days!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “50 Days

  1. Holy shit! That is so awesome! Isn't it weird to look back and picture yourself how you were before? I used to doubt myself so severely. I never imagined 3 days. 10 days would be a dream. 30? No fucking way in hell! And, now I sit at 36 days. It is nice to have you ahead of me. I'll just follow you mmmmkay?


  2. How wonderful for you! This is absolutely great. You can certainly do the whole challenge now that the first half is done….which is the hardest!!


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