I woke up touchy, moody and a with a little headache….. Honestly the headache could be from this stupid weather or the 600 calories in cookies I had last night.  The weather where I am has been 60 F. Ummm, it should be in the 30s and it will drop down again on Sunday. I’m not complaining but it is muggy and feels like a pressure headache…..

It’s my mind maybe stressing about tonight? I feel positive but my brain maybe isn’t? Tonight is a big ladies night out to a concert in the City.  This has been planned since March.  I’m the party hostess.   I’m happy that it is Friday and most ladies work today so we can’t do dinner or have much time to pre-game before the concert.  Everyone is meeting at my house an hour or so before the limo comes.  Its BYO so I don’t have to provide booze and I hope none is left here.  If I find open wine left here it will be poured out.  Even after 44 days shit could temp me. We will mingle, nosh on some appetizers and I will have my sparkling water.  Most of the ladies know I’m on a no drinking kick and few think I’m nuts~ lol.  I will be fine at the venue and the limo is bringing us straight home…… Unless peeps want to stop but that will cost extra and this time of year these mommies are on budget, thank god! Plus, I normally would of been the one to say, let’s stop for some shots! Tonight I’m the hostess and head bitch in charge so I need to be responsible and sober! However, in my drinking past it’s when we get home safe & sound and before I head to bed I would knock a few glasses back….. Hence why no booze will be allowed to stay behind. I feel really strong that I can say no.  I know I can’t drink today or even tomorrow because I pledged 100 days to be sober and I’m halfway there.  (Don’t worry the plan is to keep going after 100 but we don’t tell Wolfie that yet). 
So I will try to be productive at work today. My concentration has been horrible for a long time now.  Prior to quiting and after. Now I read tons of sober blogs, Facebook, Twitter, OMG etc…. I need to stay off the internet and get stuff done today. It will be a fun tonight and I could use a ladies night out.  This weekend plans is to clean and decorate for Christmas. Hopefully gym trips both days since I haven’t gone since Monday and I’m eating enough carbs this week to hibernate all winter long…..
Hope you have a great sober day too!
Momma Bee

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