Tomorrow is a Big Day~

Tomorrow is Day 30 for me on my sober journey~ I am very proud.  It has been a long time since I did something healthy for myself and stuck to it.  My journey is long from over and just the beginning of my new healthy lifestyle. 

I just got off the phone from booking a massage for tomorrow after work.  I have had plenty of massages before but this one is really special~ I worked really hard to get here and it is only the beginning. 

While I am there tomorrow, I think I will book one for December 21, my next big goal of 60 Days!

What’s the matter Wolfie, you don’t like the smell of Lavender Oil?  Fuck you, I do!

Momma B.


One thought on “Tomorrow is a Big Day~

  1. This is such an exciting blog to read Momma! I couldn't help but follow it on Google+. Yours is such an inspiring story and much of it I can related to.

    This is an incredibly difficult journey that you are on but, as I have found for myself, can be made much easier by getting blogging. It, for me, is truly a relief to express my feelings in this medium and if I help someone else in the process then all the better! Reading your blog has done just that; it has helped me.

    Thank you Momma Bee and I wish you well!


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