Holiday Weekend is Here….

After I left work yesterday, I did a few errands for Xmas and I pondered buying a bottle of wine.  I didn’t.  Instead , I counted in my head how many days in a row I had of no alcohol.  I was working on Day 4.  While wrapping presents last night w/ my son I thought to myself, I would have drank the whole bottle if I bought one.  Wonder how bad my wrappings  would of looked?  When we were done, kids went up to bed, I sat down, my back was sore, and I thought I deserve a lil reward for all I did tonight.  I had something to make a mixed drink.   I resisted and glad I did.  I went to bed at 11 and woke two times after some strange dreams.  I bagged the gym this morning and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. 

It will be a long weekend of parties, celebrations and the crazy family is coming to town. I have plans to hit the gym tomorrow morning, so I will stay away from the wine tonight, that is the plan anyway. 

Why don’t I always have the will-power to stick to the plan?

Happy Friday to all!

Momma Bee


2 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend is Here….

  1. I literally just finished reading something about how willpower is a limited, depletable resource. When we have to use it in certain areas (crazy family, wrapping presents), we have less for the next task requiring willpower. Alcohol is addictive anyway, but willpower to stay away from that first drink is probably harder to come by during the holidays. I do know when I used to get wicked cravings in the early days of sobriety, I never regretted the next morning when I woke up hangover free. It got easier over time, so maybe it's like a muscle you build and develop over time. In the meanwhile, this was a message for me to slow down and not take on too much at once. Sorry for the rambling, enjoyed this post. Happy holidays to you!


  2. Thank you! I think your right, you can deplete willpower. I know I have lots of willpower in me…. I just need to hold on to it tight. I never regret a workout afterwards and never regret a night I don't drink. I like its like muscle you build and it gets stronger over time. Thank you,I will remember to slow down… one day at a time.


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